Functionality with Endless Possibilities

A complete suite of features for seamless management of all aspects of your LED display digital signage network

LED Display CMS Platform

The Corum View LED display CMS platform brings together key technologies so you can effectively manage your digital signage network.

"The cloud-based interface means updates can happen anywhere at any time; going through Wi-Fi vs being hard-lined in gives me more options in multi-campus systems. The customer support is top-notch... What's not to like?"

Quote from Stephanie M, Marketing & Communications Manager

Complete Creative Control

Your content management platform is the most important tool when it comes to maintaining an effective digital signage network. Our digital signage platform is easy to use and can scale to fit your needs, anywhere in the world. By simply opening a browser, you can deliver content to the right place, at the right time, quickly and securely. A powerful set of remote troubleshooting and maintenance tools ensures up-time and is furthermore supported by a great team of product experts with years of experience.

Set Up For Success

Our LED Display CMS platform is an intelligently designed solution for digital signage.


1Content Designer
Corum View's built-in Content Designer gives users the ability to design and control their LED display digital signage message. Use pre-defined layouts or customize your own for maximum effect.
2Content Scheduler
Content Scheduler simplifies the scheduling process by allowing users to determine when they would like specific pieces of content to play. Customize messaging based on traffic data or other criteria for maximum effectiveness.
Corum View implements several levels of safety to protect your network from unauthorized access. Corum View uses secure HTTPS communications and role-based access to keep your signage network secure.
4Access Control
Controlling access to specific areas or content types allows administrators to divide workload responsibilities as well as providing an added layer of security, especially when granting access to 3rd parties.
5Usage Analytics
Track and report on content playback, screen uptime, and other key analytical metrics. Get insights into performance impacts that can affect your business.
6Location Targeting
Location targeting allows you to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time. Adjust your content for local considerations or targeted promotions that are specific to certain geographical regions.
7Proof of Playback
As part of CorumView's analytics reporting, proof of playback provides data on what content was displayed on which screen and for how long. This is essential for tracking and optimizing your own or 3rd party content.
8Network Monitoring
Network monitoring is an essential component for any proper digital signage system. Monitoring keeps track of uptime and issues alerts should any problems arise.
9Dynamic Playlists
Dynamic Playlist allows you to manage content programmatically to simplify and save time managing playback.
10Programmatic Advertising Integration
Integrate with popular programmatic advertising platforms and generate extra revenue.